Terms and conditions

Before ordering your instrument, you should carefully read this text:

All instruments are exclusively made of European woods. By checking into our store, you will get a more tangible idea on the sort of plucked instruments we build.


STEP 1: Whether you want to place an actual order or just want to ask for more information regarding a particular instrument, we always advise you to fill in the form and submit it back to us. In case you would like to order a customised instrument, we ask you provide us with all the specific details.

STEP 2: Our team will get in touch with you, provide you with all the information, discuss with you about all the details of your order, and eventually close the deal. At this point, you will be asked to transfer us the first payment, in order to start off the manufacturing process of your instrument.

STEP 3: The instrument is ready to be sent. We provide you with photos and videos, so you can check the end result. At this point, you should be transferring the remaining payment, in order to close the process.


OPTION 1: You may add shipping or freight costs to your purchase and comfortably receive your instrument at home. We’ll provide you with the estimated costs according to volume, that is, the number of instruments you order us.

OPTION 2: You may refrain from adding shipping or freight costs to your purchase and rather prefer the regular price of your instrument (EX-Works price).


According to the DIRECTIVE 2011/83/EU, you may return your purchase within 14 days and benefit from a 2 years legal warranty subject to adequate evaluation.

CASE 1: You bought us a standard instrument from our stocks, and chose an Ex-Works price. In case of dissatisfaction, defects or damages you may return the instrument back to us, within the 14 days period, and even be reimbursed, if and only the instrument is returned in the exact same conditions as it got out of our facilities.

CASE 2: You ordered us a customised instrument and chose an Ex-Works price. Personal dissatisfaction with the instrument will only be considered if and only an instrument shows signs of material defects resulting from the manufacturing process or workmanship. In these particular cases where responsibility lies on the side of the manufacturer, personal dissatisfaction qualifies for free-repairing or reimbursement if and only the instrument is returned in the exact same conditions as it got out of our facilities.

CASE 3: You ordered us an instrument and received it with damages signalling mishandling during the shipping/freight phase. In those cases, reparation, as well as partial or full instrument replacement, will be processed according to the actual insurance policy included in the shipping/freight costs.

FINAL NOTE: Lupin offers you the support, assistance, reparation and replacement of your instrument at anytime. Buyer will benefit from these services free of charges only within the 2 year warranty period and if it is clearly proved that anomalies already existed when you received the good.

Please note that your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties, and will only be used by Lupin Guitars to perform our obligations towards our customers. You have the right to request access to your data and correct inaccurate, irrelevant or incomplete information.

Other conditions might exist for special offers.

Go to the contact form, fill in, and send it back to us.

Thank you for trusting Lupin Instruments!