Guitar building

Design and build string instruments made with local wood.

I design and build string musical instruments made with local wood.

This short text aims to show you how much I love what I do. I build musical instruments made with local wood and I build it slowly and carefully, with my great attention focused on the smallest details, always looking for the best aesthetic, balance and acoustic results.

Although a short text isn't enough to offer you a good grasp of a work like mine, I'll try to give you an idea about my process and principle.

When I go looking for wood I have two options: 1) either I buy a whole tree, 2) or I buy wood that has been dry for many years, the kind that loggers have stored in the bottom of their warehouses.

If I buy a whole tree, I let it dry for six years, and only then I will start building an instrument with it. The first walnut tree I bought, 10 years ago, still lasts.

Then, I select the piece for the bottom, side, top, neck, and fingerboard. I prepare the wood and start building your instrument. This work can take up to 280 hours, so it requires calm and patience.

Once the instrument is ready, I'll arrange for it to be shipped, or better yet, I welcome you to visit me in my workshop.

And that's it for my short text on "I do what I love the most"! I hope you know me a little better now!

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