Our services

We offer services in two distinct areas: instrument repair and instrument making.

Instrument repair

To repair an instrument you already have is one of the best, non polluting solutions you can have. We have restored may instruments and we feel really pleased to bring to life instruments that have been forgotten for many many years. Sometimes for people who wants to improve an old guitar to play, sometimes to restore an old family instrument, many are the reasons you could find interesting to have an old/new instrument at home. Feel free to contact us with any questions.



Instrument making

A customised instrument is one of the best journeys you could ever go for. Discuss your ideas and have feedback for them, go through the design and material selection process. See and follow the process and growth of your instrument, bring your voice to it. We make your ideas come to life. We have worked with musicians who knew exactly what they want and others who wanted to start playing and just needed help to choose their best instrument. Come and have visit in Söderbärke or keep in touch with us via this link. We will be pleased to ear and discuss your ideas.